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Tehe DianChengtai circuit of four core advantages

High quality products and professional technical support

Advanced equipment, excellent leading process capability
Quality technical team

With advanced production equipment and testing technology, such as automatic copper wire, automatic electroplating line, fully automated CNC drilling machine, and other automatic production lines
The company has advanced level of PCB production and testing equipment, points into a workshop, with an area of 5000 square meters, with management, technology and production of more than 300 people

Strict quality control system
Effectively guarantee product performance

Strictly according to IPC standard control, guarantee delivery quality pass rate 100%
Implement quality PDCA cycle process and continuously improve product performance
Diane ion chromatograph tester (DIONEXICS-900) and temperature cycle test equipment imported from America
Ensure high reliability and stability of the product

Delivery service is guaranteed on time
One stop PCB supply chain service

A one-stop service for Allegro samples, small batch sizes and SMT is available
In order to meet the customer's quality and delivery requirements for different products (short delivery, double panels, batch orders, the fastest delivery date is 5-7 days, the 4-8 board delivery date is 8-10 days, and Allegro samples 2-3 days)

Perfect service system, make you at ease
Excelsior, cost-effective

Provide professional one to one engineer service, so that you save more worry.
For you to reduce costs, the provision of one-stop sales network, to provide customers with real-time quotes and advisory services.
Customer service 7*24 hours online, 24 hours in response to any of your questions and provide after-sales service;

Shenzhen DianChengtai Circuit Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen DianChengtai Circuit Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen DianChengtai Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on the production of high-precision PCB (1-20 layer) and cooperate to provide SMT one-stop service enterprises.Company located in technical support and production as one of the service mode;In product design front, to provide processing aspects of optimization scheme and suggestion;In the back-end strict control in the production of processing parameters and quality inspection of each process.A good product comes from good design, production of finish machining as well as the process of quality supervision, to ensure product quality and reliable, assist customers in the field of electronics for high quality reputation and more orders.
Company products are widely used in communications, power, security, photoelectric, industrial control, medical, automotive, consumer electronics, LCD and LED and other fields, a total capacity of up to 15000 square meters/month, can provide you samples, medium and small batch and SMT one-stop service...
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